Study on effects of Remdesivir & Tocilizumab on Patients

Jul 22, 2021

Recent study on severely ill patients infected by COVID19 has revealed some striking results that will help scientists to understand the virus more effectively. The study was targeted towards the effectiveness of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab to combat against the deadly COVID strain.

With either one or both drugs administered to patients, survival rate was increased to 64% as compared to only 34% for individuals without treatment of these drugs. Average hospitalization period observed for patients administered with tocilizumab was 47 days and was 14 days for remdesivir. However patients treated with both drugs were had average hospitalization time of 10 days. It was also observed that patients below the age of 55 years were more likely to get discharged and required less mechanical ventilation support. Male patients above the age of 55 with underlying diseases like diabetes and hypertension were more vulnerable and caused fatalities.

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