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Working Towards a Healthy Future

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    Health Biotech manufactures and supplies a wide range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lypholised Injections, Tablets and Capsules.

  • About Us

    Health Biotech Limited is an established pharmaceutical brand in India and is managed by a team of highly professional individuals. We are committed to manufacture high-quality healthcare products that are affordable and for all segment of society. We manufacture products for Domestic as well as African, CIS, Middel East, South American, South Asian Markets and many more.

    Commitment to save LIFE is our driving force and will always remain our primary objective. Driven by the purpose, we have extended our presence to 50+ countries and actively working to consolidate our presence in other emerging world markets.

  • Our Vision

    We strive to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative & affordable medicines, vaccines, and animal health products. We are committed to provide top quality, research-intensive biopharmaceuticals and incorporate technologies like Lyophilization, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Drug experimentation on simulation models, mHealth sensors and many more. We are dedicated to provide solutions for today & tomorrow.

  • Mission

    We believe in health for all and develop product for the mass. Our philosophy, health is the most precious asset and if secured, "all is well". We are responsible to the society and ensure business practices are driven by ethics, integrity and commitment. We believe in customer satisfaction and in process to achieve leadership globally, through excellence in technology,research and development.


Health Biotech manufactures and supplies a wide range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lypholised Injections, Tablets and Capsules.

  • All Products

    • Antibiotic Injection And Anti Infective Injection
    • Anesthetic Injectables
    • Antibiotics Injectables
    • Anticancer Injectables
    • Antifungal Injectables
    • Antihemorrhagics Injectables
    • Antimalarial Injectables
    • Antinemorgraphics Injectables
    • Anti-oxidant Injectables
    • Antiviral Injectables
    • Cardiac Injectables
    • Corticosteroids Injectables
    • Endocrine Injectables
    • Eye Ear Nasal Drops
    • Gastro Injectables
    • Iron Prepration Injectables
    • Liquid Syrup
    • Neurology Injectables
    • Pharmaceutical Capsule
    • Pharmaceutical Injectables
    • Pharmaceuticals Tablets
    • Antibiotic Injection And Anti Infective Injection

      • Cefuroxime Injection
      • Azithromycin Injection
      • Amikacin Injection
      • Amoxicillin And Clavulanic Acid Injection
      • Amoxicillin Injections
      • Amphotericin-b Injection
      • Caspofungin Acetate Injection
      • Cefoperazone Injection
      • Ceftazidime Injection
      • Clindamycin Injection
      • Gentamicin Injection
      • Meropenem Injection
      • Aztreonam Injection
      • Tobramycin Injection
      • Vancomycin Injection
      • Cefoperazone And Sulbactum Injection
      • Lincomycin Injection
      • Netilmicin Injection
      • Clarithromycin Injection
      • Teicoplanin Injection
      • Tigecyline Injection
      • Ticarcillin Clavulanic Acid
      • Mitomycin Injection
      • Cefazolin Injection
      • Ciprofloxacin Injection
      • Cloxacilliam Injection
      • Cefepime Sulbactam Injection
      • Ceftazimide Sulbactam
      • Amoxycillin Cloxacillin
      • Methylcobalamin Injection
      • Cefepime Injection
      • Ceftazidime Tazobactam
      • Meropenem Sulbactam
      • Ceftizoxime Injection
      • Ciclosporin Injection
      • Amrinone Injection
    • Anesthetic Injectables

      • Atracurium Injection
      • Lignocaine Adrenaline Injection
      • Thiopentone Injection
    • Antibiotics Injectables

      • Ceftriaxone And Sulbactum Injection
      • Piperacillin Tazobactum
      • Cefepime Tozabactam
      • Ceftriaxone And Tazobactam Injection
    • Anticancer Injectables

      • Cisplatin Injection
      • Cyclophosamide Injection
      • Cytarabine Injection
      • Cytosine Arabinoside Injection
      • Dacarbazine Injection
      • Dactinomycin Injection
      • Daunorubicin Injection
      • Epirubicin Injection
      • Etoposide Injection
      • Gemcitabine Injection
      • Vinorelbine Injection
      • L- Asparaginase Injection
      • Mitoxantrone Injection
      • Vincristine Injection
      • Zoledronic Acid Injection
      • Ifosfamide Injection
      • Irinotecan Injection
      • Fludarabine Injection
      • Bleomycin Injection
      • Carboplatin Injections
      • Oxaliplatin Injection
      • Doxorubicin Injection
      • Disodium Pamidronate Injection
      • Paclitaxel Injection
      • Topotecan Injection
      • Docetaxel Injection
      • Vinblastine Injection
      • Fluorouracil Injection
    • Antifungal Injectables

      • Cefepime Injection
      • Micafungin Injection
      • Voriconazole Injection
      • Anidulafungin Injection
    • Antihemorrhagics Injectables

      • Heparin Injection
    • Antimalarial Injectables

      • Artesunate Injection
    • Antinemorgraphics Injectables

      • Aprotinin Injection
      • Enoxaparin Injection
    • Anti-oxidant Injectables

      • L Glutathione Injection
    • Antiviral Injectables

      • Acyclovir Injection
    • Cardiac Injectables

      • Vasopressin Injection
      • Dopamine Injection
      • Dobutamine Injection
      • Terlipressin Injection
      • Streptokinase Injection
      • Nitroglycerin Injection
      • Labetalol Injection
    • Corticosteroids Injectables

      • Methylprednisolone Acetate Injection
      • Triamcinolone Injection
      • Methylprednisolone Succinate Injection
    • Endocrine Injectables

      • Human Menopasual Gonadotropin (hmg) Injection
      • Octeriotide Injection
      • Noradrenaline Injection
      • Hydroxyprogesterone Injection
    • Eye Ear Nasal Drops

      • Nasal Spray
      • Moxifloxacin Eye Drop
      • Sparfloxacin Eye Drop
      • Ofloxacin Dexamethasone Drops
      • Gentamicin And Dexamethasone Drop
      • Ciprofloxacin And Dexamethasone Drop
    • Gastro Injectables

      • Omeprazole Injection
      • Rabeprazole Injection
      • Esomeprazole Injection
      • Pantoprazole Injection
    • Iron Prepration Injectables

      • Iron Sucrose Injection
      • Iron Sorbitol Injection
    • Liquid Syrup

      • Dry Syrups
      • Redi- Mix Syrups
    • Neurology Injectables

      • Levetiracetam Injection
      • Piracetam Injection
      • Piroxicam Injection
    • Pharmaceutical Capsule

      • Pantoprazole Domperidone Sr Capsules
      • Methylcobalamin, Folic Acid, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hci Alpha Lipoic Acid Capsules
      • Omeprazole Domperidone Sr Capsules
      • Gabapentin Capsule
      • Pharmaceutical Capsules
      • Amoxycillin Clav Acid Capsules
      • Itraconazole Capsules
      • Pantoprazole Domperidone Capsules
      • Rabeprazole Domperidone Capsules
      • Imatinib Capsules
      • Temozolomide Capsules
    • Pharmaceutical Injectables

      • Methotrexate Injection
      • Menotropin Injection
      • Ertapenem Injection
      • Nadroparin Injection
      • Acyclovir Lyophilized
      • Nimodipine Injection
      • Verapamil Injection
      • Adeparin Injection
      • Citicoline Injection
      • Clarithromycin Injection
      • Enoxaparin Injection
      • Gemcitabine Hydrochloride Injection
      • Lignocaine Injection
      • Milrinone Injection
      • Vecuronium Injection
      • Aceclofenac Injection
      • Colistimethate Injection
      • Doripenem Injection
      • Urokinase Injection
      • Reviparin Injection
      • Alpha Beta Arteether Injection
      • Cefpirome Sulphate Injection
      • Dalteparin Injection
      • Granisetron Hydrochloride
      • Ondansetron Injection
      • Progesterone Injection
      • Tranexamic Acid Injection
      • Dexamethasone Injection
      • Diclofenac Sodium Injection
      • Drotaverine Injection
      • Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate Injection
      • L-ornithine L-aspartate Injection
      • Urofollitropin (fsh) Injection
      • Natural Micronized Progesterone Injection
      • Artemether Injection
      • Atropine Sulphate Injection
      • Cefotaxime Sulbactam Injection
      • Ceftizoxime Injection
      • Ceftriaxone Injection
      • Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection
      • Dicyclomine Injection
      • Imipenem Cilastatin Injection
      • Leuprolide Injection
      • Lidocaine Hydrochloride 2% Injection
      • Tinzaparin Injection
      • Valethamate Bromide Injection
      • Natural Progesterone Injection
      • Leucovorin Injection
      • Pcd Pharma Franchise
      • Allopathic Pcd Pharma Franchise
      • Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services
      • Omeprazole Tablets
      • Labetalol Tablets
      • Acyclovir Tablets
      • Doxycycline Hydrochloride Tablets
    • Pharmaceuticals Tablets

      • Aceclofenac, Paracetamol Serratiopeptidase Tablets
      • Levofloxacin Tablets
      • Cefpodoxime Proxetil Tablets
      • Cefixime Dt Tablets
      • Azithromycin Tablets
      • Pantoprazole Sodium Tablets
      • Gefitinib Tablets
      • Atorvastatin Tablets
      • Voriconazole Tablets
      • Cefuroxime Axetil Tablets
      • Thyroxine Sodium Tablets
      • Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablet
      • Citicoline Sodium Tablets
      • Ursodeoxycholic Acid Tablets
      • Ferrous Ascorbate, Folic Acid & Zinc Sulphate Tablets
      • Capecitabine Tablets

Services Offered by Us


    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry in India has observed significant growth in Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) in recent years.

    There are multiple reasons for rapid growth in this sector. In recent years, global outsourcing industry has transformed due to changes in dynamics that includes ; decline in revenes from new drugs, competitive procing, increase in demands of generics, low-cost location to the center-stage.

    India offers significant cost advantages over manufacturing centers located in Europe, North America and other parts of the world. India has globally emerged as one of the most cost-effective alternative coupled with quality manufacturing for global pharmaceutical players. This in turn has favoured Indian CRAMS players to achieve high growth trajectory.

  • Exporters

    The Indian pharmaceutical Industry is thirteenth-largest in terms of value and third-largest in terms of volume, globally. It has established itself as a global manufacturing and research hub. Easy availability of raw material and skilled workforce has resulted in a definite competitive advantage. Recent estimation shows Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at a rate (CAGR) of 22.4 per cent to touch US$ 55 billion by 2020.

    Health Biotech Ltd currently exports product in around 50 countries worldwide that primarily includes Oncology, Hormone, Anti-biotics and Nutraceuticals. Soon exports are suppose to commence in regulated markets as well.

  • Licensing
  • Loan Licensing
  • Loan Licensing

    Loan licensing is a process adopted by pharmacuetical industry and it allows a manufacturing company to get products manufactured by another manufacturer however still market such products uder it's own brand name.

    This practice helps pharmacuetical manufacturers to operate under limited resources and decrease the burden of in house manufacturing.

  • In & Out Licensing

    In Licensing

    In recent times, Indian Pharma company have actively worked on licensing agreement with other major pharma manufacturers to produce, market and sell various drug formulation that are originaly researched and developed by diffrent pharma entity.

    Out Licensing

    Out-licensing is a relatively new concept in Indian pharmaceutical domain. There are very few Indian companies that have capabilities and in-house facilities to develop patented products.

    An out-licensing strategy can make a critical drug globally available. Further technology collaboration helps an experimental drug to reach market soon. This is also significant in the global pharmaceutical sector, as it allows to reach most sought after drugs and research compounds.

  • Licensing
  • PCD Pharma
  • Ethical Marketing

    Ethical marketing can be considered more as a philosophy than a marketing strategy. It demands promoting and advertising a product with responsibility, fairness and honesty. However understanding of ethics can be dubious hence there are certain set of guidelines to help companies formulate new marketing strategies.

    At Health Biotech, we take utmost care and follow below set of guidelines that separates us from other players in the market :

    • We promote sales of a product only after receipt of product authorization from authorities.
    • We ensure promotion of the product is consistent with the terms of product authorization.
    • Information about a product is always up-to-date & verified from authorities. We take precaution to ensure no misleading information is implicatied.
    • We ensure to provide information that is capable of substantiation.

Resarch and Development

  • Life Saving Innovation

  • New Drug Development

    Indian pharmaceutical industry has witnessed drastic changes in recent years.Companies have realized that it is important to evolve new business models that should fit within their research & business scheme. Dependability on reverse engineering alone will not provide durability.

    With robust R&D activity, it was indicated that the R&D spending of the Indian pharmaceutical industry will reach about 8%-9%. Various Indian Pharma companies have initiated drug discovery as one of the major focus area. Pharmaceutical industry has realized that long term success can be ensured through novel drug discovery and innovations.

  • Innovation Technologies

    Indian pharmaceutical industry is in continuous search to discover and develop new drugs targeted toward complex diseases. This has resulted in a situation that Pharmaceutical industry must use innovative technologies that will help to ramp up research and development along with provide manufacturing and analytical capabilities.

    At Health Biotech Ltd, adopting new technologies is of utmost importance. Innovation in technologies have enabled access to a wide range of software and cloud based solutions. This in turn has simplified compound identification, quantification and complex data analysis.

  • Intelectual Property Right



    • TAZPRO




    • GOFREE



    • HURRY UP


  • Facilities

    We have multiple R&D centres equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies. Our scientists have expertise in developing generics, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) and New Chemical Entities (NCEs).

  • Capabilities

    Our capabilities span the development of differentiated products, such as liposomal products, inhalers, lyophilised injections, nasal sprays, besides developing controlled release dosage forms.

  • In Synergy

    Our scientists work closely with our business development team to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both market needs and synergies across therapeutic areas.

  • Mr. Parmjit Arora

    Chairman and Managing Director at Health Biotech

    Chairman and Managing Director
  • Gaurav Chawla - Director at Health Biotech Limited

    Gaurav Chawla

  • Richa Sharma - Personal Secretary to the MD at Health Biotech Limited

    Richa Gupta

    Personal Secretary (to MD)
  • Operational Head at Health Biotech Limited

    Priyanka Saini

    Operational Head
  • Jeevan Chaudhary - Assistant General Manager - Domestic at Health Biotech Limited

    Jeevan Chaudhary

    AGM - Dom. Business
  • Madhusudan Verma - Assistant General Manager - International at Health Biotech Limited

    Madhusudan Verma

    AGM - Int. Business
  • Sunil Prasad - General Manager - Finance at Health Biotech Limited

    Sunil Prasad

    GM - Finance

Our Key Clients

    Corporate Clients

  • Alembic Pharma


  • Alkem Pharma


  • Bharat Serum

    Bharat Serum

  • Cipla


  • Claris


  • Concept Pharma

    Concept Pharma

  • Elanco Pharma


  • Flamingo Pharma


  • Galpha Pharma


  • German Remedies

    German Remedies

  • Gland Pharma


  • Hetero Healthcare

    Hetero Healthcare

  • HLL Lifecare Limited

    HLL Lifecare Limited

  • Intas Pharma


  • Leeford


  • Lupin


  • Mancure Drug

    Mancure Drug

  • Medley


  • Novartis


  • Unimark


  • Vetoquino


  • Wockhardt


  • Zydus


    Prestigious Government Institutes

  • >All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS)

    All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS)

  • Director Health Services Arunachal Pradesh(DHS)

    Director Health Services Arunachal Pradesh(DHS)

  • Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking Of India (BPPI)

    Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking Of India (BPPI)

  • Chattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Limited(CGMSC)

    Chattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Limited(CGMSC)

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    Civil Hospital Panchkula

  • logos

    Employment Service Insurance Corporation (ESIC DELHI)

  • logos

    Govt. Medical College & Hospital (GMCH-32)

  • logos

    Director Health Services Assam

  • logos

    Hindustan Latex Limited (HLL Lifecare)

  • logos

    Haryana Medical Services Corporation Ltd. (HMSCL)

  • logos

    Jawahar Lal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER)

  • logos

    Jammu & Kashmir Medical Services Corporation Limited (JKMCL)

  • logos

    King George Medical University

  • logos

    Lady Hardings Medical College (LHMC)

  • logos

    New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)

  • logos

    Odisha Medical Services Corporation Limited(OMSCL)

  • logos

    Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)

  • logos

    Animal Husbandry Punjab

  • logos

    Dr. Ram Manohal Lohia Hospital

  • logos

    Ranchi Institute of Neuro-PsychiTRY & Allied Sciences (RIMPAS)

  • logos

    Regional Institute of Medical Science (RIMS)

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    Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation Limited(RMSCL)

  • logos

    Sarojni Naidu Medical College (SNMC)

  • logos

    Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Limited (TNMSC)

  • logos

    Telangana State Medical Services & Infrastructure Development Corporation (TSMSIDC)

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    Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS Bellary)

Our Achivements and Accreditations

  • WHO - Good Manufacturing Practices

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • MOH Iraq

  • MOH Syria

  • MOH Yemen

  • MOH Vietnam

  • MOH Cambodia

  • MOH Sri Lanka

  • MOH Nigeria

Health Biotech Family

Careers at Health Biotech

At Health Biotech, we want our people to perform at their best and explore their potential to the fullest. We invest in people who have the potential to join our team and become greater than the sum.

Apply now by filling out the form below or sending us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Current Openings
Sno. Position Qualification
1 Export Executive / Manager Export Marketing, Export Sales, Export Business Development, Knowledge of Pharma Market in Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, Ready to travel to countries, Knowledge of pharmaceutical documentation & Registration is must. Salary no bar for the deserving candidate.Job location : Chandigarh, Minimum work experience 2-8 years. Only pharma formulation background experience required. Email your CV : [email protected]
2 Charted Accountant More than two years experience as CA.
3 Pharma Marketing Executive Both Freshers and candidates with experience can apply.
4 Domestic Marketing Manager Minimum 2 years experience expected.
5 International Marketing Manager Minimum 2 years experience expected.
Sno. Position Qualification
1 Quality Control More than three years experience in Liquid Section.

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