Health Biotech Director will aid “Operation Dost” for Syria.

Feb 17, 2023

The seventh flight for India’s “Operation Dost” has reached earthquake-hit Syria with 23 tons of relief material, including medical aid, critical care medicines and healthcare equipment. It will move to Turkey with the remaining 12 tons of material. “Operation Dost” makes India the ‘friend in need’ to the world. The Indian army in Turkey has set up a 30-bed self-sustainable field hospital with 99 medical personnel in service. The impact of this operation will reflect positively on the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are welcomingly coming forward to aid the relief and rescue operations.

India is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals around the globe, manufacturing around 20% of the world’s generic medicines and 50% of the different kinds of vaccines. The reason behind such a dominant footprint is the continuous growth in production due to a facilitative policy regime. In addition, the country’s population is a pivotal contributor to the development of this industry. As a result, the industry is supposed to grow handsomely in the future and achieve a business growth above 100% by 2030. The valuation of the Indian Pharma sector in 2030 is presently estimated to stand at $130 Billion by market analysts.

The biggest Indian pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, headed by Umang Vohra, Dr Reddy’s by G.V. Prasad and Paramjit Arora’s Health Biotech, are proving the mettle of the Indian pharma sector to stand up to the occasion and serve humanity in need of crucial interventions in terms of medicines. Health Biotech deserves a special mention because the company has rigorously participated and delivered value addition in adverse times for humanity time and again. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the large-scale production of Health Biotech’s Remdesivir was a big help to the citizens of rich and poor countries alike. Even for a tremendously reputed pharmaceutical pioneer like Parmjit Arora, remdesivir’s mass production and distribution was a prodigious success. The firm has a promising brand image and a diverse catalogue consisting of more than 7000 products. They have also lined up a rigid infrastructure to scale up their large-scale production processes.

Parmjit Arora has always advocated research and development in his firm. His vision is to achieve the highest standards in product quality and ethics. This is what humanity is in dire need of. Great opportunity always comes with greater responsibility, and the same stands true for the Health Biotech Director. Pharmaceuticals’ quality and on-time delivery is the most significant task, and Health Biotech has focussed on both since its establishment. The company looks poised to keep serving the challenging needs of humanity to the best of its abilities with constant updation of manufacturing processes and new developments in the industry. Looking at the previous trajectory of their growth, we can all expect nothing but greater glory coming to their pathway in their zeal to establish themselves as a benchmark in research and product quality.

With the country expanding its medical care infrastructure, pharmaceutical companies are foreseeing great business opportunities. India is already a key cog in the wheels of the medical infrastructure at the global level. With the merit of its pharma companies, it warrants a rightful place at the high decision-making tables of International policymaking. To fulfil this vision with the noble goal of serving humanity of the world at large, the government is working in comradery with the pharmaceutical sector’s big bulls. Opportunities are great in India, for another reason being the lower prices of products owing to the lower input cost coupled with a skilled workforce.

While helping Syria and Turkey in this crisis, India is also creating an image as the global health and wellness provider, eventually giving a considerable boost to the Indian soft power across the spectrum of world geography. “Operation Dost” is a humble but excellent step forward and will definitely bolster our reputation in the medical care field.

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