Remdesivir Exports

May 15, 2021

On April 11,2021, Government of India temporarily stopped export of Remdesivir injection along with APIs. This step was initiated to meet high demands that surfaced in the country. This sharp increase was observed due to COVID19 second wave that took people and authorities by surprise. Soon after, Remdesivir Injection was put under restricted category. Various Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers were engaged by Government of India and rapid manufacturing activity was initated. This has helped health care practitioners to deal with the second wave more effectively thus saving millions.

By June14, 2021, the situation was well under control and Indian Government soon after removed all restrictions. It was categorically mentioned that export of Remdesivir injections and associated APIs will no longer subjected to export permission and was removed from prohibited or restricted category. This has further boosted Remdesivir export to various nations thus strengthening bilateral relationships of India with other countries.

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