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Distance Can Save Life

Distancing is a very effective practice that is frequently adopted by health care practitioners to avoid spread of communicable diseases. The practice encourages people to maintain physical distance. Spread of infection from diseases can be reduced through this process. It can also control the impact of disease on the society.

How Do I Practice Social Distancing?

Avoid handshakes, hugs etc.

Avoid crowded places

Avoid public transport

No Risk Of Contamination - Touch Free

IR Thermometers are also known as “thermometer gun,” and the devices are equipped with an infrared sensor.

Go Free IR Thermometer is designed to measure body temperature quickly and accurately without any physical contact. In recent years, IR Thermometers play an important role to contain viral outbreaks.

Infrared Forehead

Advantages of IR Thermometer

Measurements can be taken from a distance without any actual contact

Memory and advanced measurement functionality is available

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use

Can measure temperature in seconds

Designed for all ages

°C or °F convertible & forehead heat detection

Why GoFree IR Thermometer ?

  • GoFree IR Thermometer provides families & businesses the convenience, accuracy, and precision while measuring body temperature.
  • GoFree IR Thermometer incorporates some the most advanced technology in thermometry know today and designed for everyday use.
  • GoFree IR Thermometer allows instant temperature reading without any physical contact. This in turn acts as "no disturb device" and there is no requirement to ware up the patient.
  • You will never have to stick a painful and invasive thermometer.

FDA Approved IR Thermometer variant available

US FDA : The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that oversees the manufacturing and distribution of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, tobacco and other consumer products and veterinary medicine. Products that are approved by US FDA can be commercially marketed, promoted and distributed with USA states and other countries approved by the regulation

Multiple Mode Switching

Multiple uses for one machine, Causing harms to the human body from low or high temperarures


Customer Questions/ Comments

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I run a health diagnostics center and lot of people visit us every day. I was in urgent need of 100 pieces of IR thermometer for the safety of my staff. With Outbreak of conona virus, it became very difficult to procure it. Thanks to GoFree team, their sales team was fast and was able to get the devices delivered in no time.

My father is old and suffers from insomnia. He hardly sleeps and specially if suffering from cold & fever. Best part about this device is, I can check his temperature without waking him up.

My daughter developed temperature and with COVIT19 around, I was really worried. This device was of great help.

With the present situation, I think this is a necessity item.